Hotel pointe sud Saint-Louis, Senegal

About Hotel pointe sud Saint-Louis

Saint-Louis Senegal

Only a mile from the hotel, Hydrobase Beach provides guests with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. As one of Africa’s most beautiful coastal cities, Saint-Louis offers some of the most gorgeous beaches on the continent. Visitors can also explore nearby Lac Rose for spectacular sunsets or charming fishing villages on N’Gor Island.

In addition to its diverse culture, Saint-Louis is also known for the Great Mosque of Saint-Louis and its vibrant art scene. The city’s old town markets are full of traditional African handicrafts and artwork, which makes it a popular destination for visitors.

Our hotel guests will find plenty to do in Saint-Louis. There are a number of water sports available, as well as fishing and boating tours. Additionally, the city is home to a variety of restaurants, bars and cafés. Whether visitors want to experience Senegalese culture or just relax on the beach, Saint-Louis has something for everyone.

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